Meet Our Coaches

Stace Headshot Black.jpeg



Owner - Coach

  • Crossfit Level 3

  • Crossfit Gymnastics

  • Crossfit Weightlifting

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer

  • Associates - Health and Exercise Science

  • CrossFit Games Regionals Team Athlete 

voted "best coach dance moves" 2020



Owner - Coach

  • Crossfit Level 2

  • Crossfit Football 

  • CrossFit Games Regionals Team Athlete 

voted "coach most likely to get you to the crossfit games" 2020





  • CrossFit Level 1 

  • WVP Internship Program

voted "coach with the most energy" 2020

IMG_2359 (1).jpg

Bennett Queen


  • CrossFit Level 1 

  • WVP Internship Program

voted "coach with the funniest jokes" 2020

What Makes Our Coaches Different? 

Here at Wolf Valley we are dedicated to coaching our tails off every single class.

We strive to make your time here the best hour of you day!  We do this by making sure every single person gets individual attention and feedback every single class.

We do this by creating a community full of warm, welcoming people who will make you feel immediately accepted.

We do this by knowing our craft incredibly well so that we can keep you safe so you can enjoy your exercise and make the progress you want to make.

We do this by keeping YOU the priority.

We are also pretty funny and love to make you laugh.

And some of us have sick dance moves.