Angela Hill

Angela Hill


I don't have any particular feats of strength I admire more than the other. I have a true appreciation for the way my body works as an entire functional unit to provide an overall adventure seeking lifestyle.


CrossFit Level 1 Certification

About Coach

I began CrossFit as a fluke. I loved more challenging styles of training and was familiar with the benefit it had on your mental and physical health. When I found that CrossFit was a training style that could be modified to any skill level, with ease, I was tempted to give it a go. I had always known CrossFit for its stereotypes, but when I had experienced it for myself, I couldn't understand how more people didn't do this. Crossfit is comprised of functional fitness movements and translates beautifully into everyday life. The training style quickly became one of my favorite hobbies, and shortly after, I made a more serious commitment and became a coach. Now I love CrossFit and more than that, I love being able to share that love with others of all skillsets!

Turning Point

My entire life I planned to join the military. I was presented with more and more challenges as I moved through my college career in pursuit of commissioning as an officer, and I slowly began lacking in all aspects of my life. I leaned into my family for support and moved across the country to restart in a completely unfamiliar environment. I rewrote my life goals and started down a path that seemed to have even more promise than before. I was working out close to every day in an attempt to work on my mental health more than my physical health and the two teamed up to bring me something I now love. Crossfit has taught me many things about my body but more important to myself, it's helped shape the mindset and outlook I have on life.

Motivation & Passion

I'm passionate about people. I want folks who take my class to feel as though they've benefited themselves in some way. Whether it be that they've learned something about their body mechanics and why we do the things we do, or that they got through a workout after an already long day, I am here for THEM. Keeping people safe is the bare minimum but keeping people coming back is my goal.

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