Donnie Ochampaugh

Donnie Ochampaugh


Back Squat: 415

Deadlift: 540

Bench Press: 300

Snatch: 260

Clean & Jerk: 320


CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

PN1 Certified Nutrition Coach

Bachelors Degree - Psychology

About Coach

Donnie grew up in Allegan, Michigan, a small farm town with a population of about 4,000. Growing up he was heavily involved in athletics and training has always been a strong passion. Shortly after graduating high school, he joined the U.S. Navy where he would serve 4 years. During his time in the Navy, he discovered CrossFit and was immediately hooked. He quickly developed as an athlete and it wasn't long before he began coaching. In 2017, Donnie had the honor of representing his CrossFit affiliate as a member of their Regionals team in the central region (now known as the semifinals). In 2018, 8 years after graduating high school, he went back to school in pursuit of a bachelor's degree and graduated from the University of Nevada - Reno with a degree in psychology which has played a large role in his coaching style and ability.

Turning Point

Donnie grew up with very little means. Being in this situation created a lot of doubt and insecurities about what was achievable for someone of little means. While at the time this felt like an everlasting burden, it didn't last and it created a chip on his shoulder that propelled him to never settle for mediocrity and to never let the people around him settle for it either. Fitness has always been the outlet where he could express himself and push his limits. He believes that pushing the limits in the gym translates directly to pushing them outside of the gym and accomplishing things that were never imagined to be possible.

Motivation & Passion

Donnie has a strong passion for pulling out the potential in people that they didn't know was there. He is relentless in mastering his craft so that he can provide the absolute best service to anyone who comes to him for coaching.

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