What is CrossFit and Who Can Do It?

CrossFit is Community Fitness

CrossFit is a community surrounding you as you work toward your goals.  It is working out with friends.  It is being instructed and encouraged by a positive coach every single workout who knows your name and your goals.


Anyone Can Do CrossFit! 

If you think it sounds fun, we have no doubt that you can do it!  We have members in their teens and members in their sixties!  Every workout is modifiable for all levels of skill and strength and our coaches have over ten years of experience helping people just like you make each workout just right for them.

Who's a Good Fit for CrossFit?

Like we said, CrossFit is for everyone! Our workouts at Wolf Valley Performance are different every day making it the perfect workout to keep you on your fitness goals long past your New Year's Resolution. As one oof the premier gyms in South Reno we use exercises of all kinds in combination to create the most fun and effective hour of exercise to develop strength and endurance as well as balance, agility and coordination! So, if you're looking to improve in any of those areas, you should join us!

How Do I Start My Fitness Journey?

CrossFit has helped countless people of all levels reach their goals! Schedule your FREE Intro Session today and come see for yourself!

Still have questions?  Ask us now!

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