More Equipment, More People, More Fun!

Wolf Valley Performance recently surpassed the two year mark! We never could have gotten to this point without the support and commitment of this community. Because of your loyal and greatly appreciated support we have some BIG changes coming to the gym!

You might have already noticed some changes happening with the start of the new year. We are currently transitioning our gym software to PushPress. There will be some adjusting at first but we are confident that this new system will improve your gym experience. PushPress is a far more user friendly way to get signed-up for memberships, to check-in for classes, and to make your retail purchases. We can't wait to get everyone set up and using it!

In addition to the software change, we are currently working on putting in a large equipment order! The addition of this new equipment will allow for less equipment sharing and will also allow us to increase class caps! With the new equipment our class cap will go from 8 members up to 10 members! Of course once the COVID restrictions are lifted the caps will go even higher but for now we want to ensure everyone has the ability to use their own equipment while having plenty of workout space. We have already converted the lounge area into more workout floor space to accommodate the new equipment and the increase in class capacity!

Here is the new equipment coming to Wolf Valley Performance very soon!


This 14ft rig will add 2 more squat racks as well as 7 spots more for pull-ups!

- 2 NEW BARBELLS - 1 x 45LBS AND 1 x 35LBS

The addition of these two barbells will give us 10 barbells to allow for larger class sizes and everyone to get the bar they want!

- NEW DUMBBELLS - 2 x 50'S AND 2 x 35'S

These dumbbell weights are commonly used as prescribed weight in our workouts so these will allow more people to use prescribed weight if able!

- AB-MATS x 5

This will up our ab-mat total to 10 to allow everyone in class to have access to one and take those sit-ups to the next level!


The additional bike and rower will put us at 10 total machines (5 each) to allow class capacity of 10 people without sharing equipment!


We're more than DOUBLING our current amount of plates because you all are getting STRONG AF! There will be no shortage of gains around here!


These additional 2 pairs of rings will be used set up 2 more ring muscle-up stations!


We are adding 2 climbing ropes! These will be a brand new addition to the gym and we can't wait to help you all develop this new skill!


Because who doesn't love to bench press?!

All of this is only possible because of you all. We're working to get this order fulfilled as soon as possible and we cannot wait to improve the gym for you because no other gym members deserve it more! Thank you guys for being so great and making our community truly unique!

Do you know what's even better than new equipment? Using it with your friends. Share this on social and tell your friends to book their free intro session!

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