Post-Workout Nutrition

When we exercise, our body uses up nutrients that we have stored in our bodies for fuel. Our body uses fats, carbs and even protein to help us sustain energy throughout our workouts. With this in mind, it is hugely beneficial to get these nutrients back into the body shortly after exercise in order for the body to begin the recovery process. Supplementing with carbohydrate and protein products are a great way to accomplish this.

Glycogen is the energy source used from carbohydrates. Replenishing glycogen within about 30 minutes of exercise will begin the process of repairing damaged muscle tissue and will allow your body to adapt to the training that it just endured. Adding in a protein supplement with the carbs assists with the replenishment of glycogen and also the repairing of damaged muscle tissue. Start incorporating a post-workout supplement after your workout sessions and see how it positively changes your recovery and also your progress.

Finding a good quality carb or protein supplement can be difficult. At our gym, we offer both carb and protein supplements. We carry products from company called 10 performance. They pride themselves on using top quality ingredients to offer the safest and most effective supplements. We use a product called Pro-Carb. Pro-Carb is a carbohydrate supplement that is made from natural ingredients such as Tapioca, Sweet Potato, and Arrow Root. It is also naturally flavored and sweetened! Next we have Pro-Clein. Pro-Clein is our protein supplement of choice, given that is made from grass-fed beef and naturally sweetened and flavored.

If you want to know more about post-workout recovery and nutrition, book a session and come in and chat with us!

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