Top 5 CrossFit Myths

I've heard many reasons why someone does not want to try CrossFit. Here are the top five things that I've heard but are completely false! Especially at my gym.

1. You’ll get injured for sure!

Injury is possible in CrossFit as it is in every other sport or physical activity on the planet. Injury typically occurs from over-use, imbalances, or performing movements outside of our physical capacity. Any good coach would ensure that their athlete has their workouts modified as needed to meet their physical capabilities. Any good program would include accessory movements to allow the athlete to build a strong and balanced body to protect the joints and decrease the risk of injury. One of the biggest things I’ve seen is people letting ego get in the way of staying safe. They see Timmy in the corner putting 300 lbs over his head and think "I’m gonna try that!". Fact of the matter is, Timmy’s been doing CrossFit for 6 years and has spent countless hours building the strength to do this. Know where you’re at in your fitness level and be ok with that knowing you’re going to do your best to improve a little each day. Check the ego at the door and do your best, along with help from your coaches, to make your health and safety the priority.

2. You have to SPRINT every workout. Go hard or go home.

When CrossFit came onto the fitness, the idea was to do every workout as quickly as you possibly can. The perception was that in order to get the fastest time, you have to come out of the gate ON FIRE. As CrossFit evolved, trainers in the field began taking a more scientific approach to how they coached workouts. Doing workouts at a slower, smooth pace has amazing benefits on health and developing the aerobic systems. Having a strong aerobic system actually makes workouts FEEL easier. I know right? Who’s sick of throwing up after every workout? The whole "go until you puke mentality" in CrossFit is dead and if your trainers are still pushing this on you, then you should bounce.

3. You have to be fit before you can even think of trying CrossFit!

So many times I’ve heard people say "well I’m gonna start going to the gym for a couple months and then I’m gonna try CrossFit". First off, CrossFit gyms......are gyms. Secondly, CrossFit is a FITNESS PROGRAM! 100% designed to get people fit. Not designed to get people to the CrossFit games. Of course that’s the pinnacle of the style of training but not the starting point. CrossFit workouts are infinitely scalable to allow anyone of any fitness level to get a good workout in. No one is going to ask you to come in and be at a certain fitness level before you can get started. You will be assessed, and you will start exactly where your fitness level is at that point in time. It’s all about progressions and this can start anywhere!

4. It’s always competition.

Competition is one side of CrossFit but only for a small percentage of the community. There will always be someone who challenges you to keep you to keep up with them. Its mostly just playful shit talking and can be beneficial to push you a little harder, but in reality you are not comparing yourself to these people. Your focus does not have to be on who else is doing whatever. The fastest way to progress is to stay in your lane and do the absolute best that you can. Constantly competing and comparing yourself will put you on the fast track to burning out. Come in and give the workout your very best and have fun with your buddies. Take the playful shit talking and turn it into something fun and productive. There's no good in beating yourself up over how you stack up to people around you. There is a healthy level of competition that can propel us to new levels as long as we don’t seek validation in posting the best scores or beating individuals on a day to day basis.

5. We all do what they do on TV.

A lot of people outside of the CrossFit community have likely seen the CrossFit games on television or the internet. When I talk to these people, a lot of them say "man I could never do that. That shit is crazy!" Well I have great news. You don’t have to. 99% of people who do CrossFit will never ever ever do the things you see on tv. The men and women you’re watching are the top 1% of people who train CrossFit. They put in upwards of 6-8 hours a day working out to be the fittest people on the planet. Most people don’t even have time for that shit. We have families to support, bills to pay, jobs to go to. With time and effort you may build to do SOME of the things these people do but no one ever expects you to do them. You don’t have to fly up on top of a bar or a set of rings, you don’t have to drag 400lb sleds, you don’t have to climb 20’ ropes only using your arms. If you want to work toward those things then you can. That is the beauty of CrossFit. You can take your fitness as far as you’d like and what you’re comfortable with!

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