What is a No-Sweat Intro???

How many times have you started a new training program armed with lofty goals and the best of intentions only to find yourself quitting far short of attaining them? Maybe you weren’t sure what exactly to do to reach them. Maybe you had too many ideas and became overwhelmed trying to implement all of them at once. Maybe you had a great plan but just didn’t see the progress that you hoped to see. Or maybe you simply didn’t have anyone to hold you accountable.

What if I told you there is a better way?

Here at Wolf Valley Performance, we do things a bit differently. This starts from our first interaction with each client: the No-Sweat Intro. Your goals are unique to you, and a one-size-fits-all program may work well to reach them, or it may not. When you come in for your No-Sweat Intro, we will take some time to get to know you, your story and your objectives. Together we will learn what strategies have worked well for you in the past and what has not worked at all. Armed with this information, your coach will be able to make recommendations on the best course of action for you to pursue your health and fitness objectives.

Your goals are one of a kind – so the coaching you’ll receive is too.

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