Foundations Classes in Reno



You’ll be taught all of the basic movements and techniques by one of our expert coaches!  Over the course of three 1-on-1 sessions (or with a buddy or two if you prefer), your coach will teach you everything you need to know and will give you feedback and tips so you feel ready to rock when you go into the group classes!

What to expect

In each session, your coach will teach and demonstrate the foundational movements that use in group classes, will review your personal range of motion and will describe various scales to get you moving safely.  You will practice each movement under the careful eye of your coach until you feel confident in the technique.  You'll get sweaty and you'll have fun!

Once you've learned the foundational movements and demonstrate the ability to perform them safely, you'll graduate to the group classes where you'll get to join our rad community and meet your new fit friends!

What to bring

Wear comfortable clothes that you can move well in and athletic shoes.  Check out our blog post about what shoes are best for our workout style if you're keen to get new kicks!  We also always recommend that you bring a water bottle with you to class.  We do not sell bottled water, but we do have a water dispenser that you are welcome to use to refill your own!

Best Shoes For Wolf Valley Classes

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